Create Connectors needs to be rethought with a Going Forward Model

As Omniverse exists now, vendors have to create a connector for a specific version of an app.

In the future when a vendor updates an app, the connector is always one step behind in your model. Just 3 weeks ago Houdini connector was released, and a new version of Houdini comes out, the connector doesn’t work for it.

If you could architect a forward upgrade approach, connectors could still work when a new version comes along, At worst case, let a connector have a Settings to point to the new path(s) if an upgrade happens.

It would save having to have multiple versions of the same connectors like you do for Unreal already.

Just my thoughts after not being able to use a connector after upgrading an app.


Hello @DataJuggler! This is something that our development team has been discussing since we first launched Omniverse! The reason why we are a bit behind is because USD definitions from different applications need to be defined - because USD is a fairly new file format system. So new features and advances in their applications may take awhile for the development team to define the changes within USD. As USD grows and becomes more regularly used, this process speeds up immensely. All of our work is also shared with the USD file format so that it can be used universally. One of our recent developments will actually allow other USD definitions to translate over to Omniverse (this feature will be announced soon!) which will help smooth out this process for future builds.

And I can tell you from personal experience, that our internal content creators want to use the latest and greatest versions of these applications. So this is definitely something that we want to keep improving on!

I will share your thoughts with the team and I really appreciate the feedback!

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