Houdini Omniverse Connector v100 Release

This topic contains information about all the updates that we release for the SideFX Houdini Omniverse Connector.

Here is a video that gives a quick start of how it works:


We are pleased to announce the first Beta version of the Houdini Connector. The motivation behind this release is to provide creators with a way to interactively use Houdini’s advanced feature set and artist node-based workflows with USD and MDL materials from Omniverse. The Houdini Connector has a streamlined workflow with Omniverse Nucleus for smooth collaboration between Houdini and Create.


  • Resolves Omniverse URLS (omniverse://) in Solaris and other Houdini contexts. For Read and Write operations directly with Nucleus.
    • Some Limitations:
      • Cannot create Nucleus directories in Houdini File Browser, make them ahead of time in Nucleus.
      • HDA file read/write directly with Nucleus do not work. But we provide other ways to upload the files.
      • Houdini HIP file saves do not work with incremental backups directly to Nucleus; therefore, we provide a Save Hip file utility on the Omniverse shelf.
  • Supports referencing USD and other assets (textures, geometry, etc.) directly from Nucleus file paths.
  • Authoring MDL (omni_editmdl)
    • HUSD shader translator for MDL
    • VOP nodes for creating and editing a subset of MDL materials in the Material Library LOP
      • Supports OmniPBR, OmniGlass, OmniHair, and more.
    • Basic (limited) USD Preview Surface Translation
  • Built with HDK, uses USD Library bundled with Houdini, and implements:
    • File System (FS)
    • Shader translator
    • USD ROP output processor

Thank you for checking out the Omniverse Houdini Connector and we can’t wait to see what you Create!

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19.5 pls

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@cmx278171032 Welcome to the Community Forums and thank you for your Interest.
We are actively working on adding Support for Houdini 19.5.x for the Omniverse connector. Our next update will include adding Linux support.

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