Omniverse Houdini Connector v102.1 Release

Omniverse Houdini Connector release v102.1

We are pleased to announce our next update to the Omniverse Houdini Connector which includes some new Omniverse nodes, the Loader and Validator - designed to help streamline Houdini and Omniverse workflows.

Release Notes



  • OM-20290: Updated setting checkpoints message method to omni.usd_resolver.set_checkpoint_message
  • OM-20290: Enabled endSave method for output processors in Houdini 19.5
  • Updated install and uninstall scripts for Windows
  • Updated Omni Loader, Omni Validator and Omni Light HDAs

Houdini Connector Documentation

Thank you for checking out the Omniverse Houdini Connector!

Here is a video that gives a walkthrough of using the new Loader and Validator nodes and how they work: