Omniverse Houdini Connector v102.0 Release - Houdini 19.5 Support

Omniverse Houdini Connector release v102.0

We are pleased to announce our next update to the Omniverse Houdini Connector which now includes Houdini 19.5 support. Coming up next we are adding new features for the Omniverse Live workflows and a new Kit-extension to bring Houdini’s procedural workflows into Omniverse Create through Houdini Digital Assets.


Release Notes


  • Houdini 19.5.x support on Windows 10, Windows 11, Ubuntu 20.04, and Ubuntu 22.04.
  • New Omniverse Loader and Validator nodes.
  • New UI/UX for Previewing Checkpoints and seeing their information.


  • Tutorial for power lines now has a a power pole file. Updated tutorial video coming soon.
  • Updated to Omniverse Client Library v2.14 and USD Resolver v1.10
  • Better method to detect HOMNI_LOGLEVEL environment variable.
  • Better handling of Linux un-install script.


  • Fixed Enable Warning toggle bug on MDL LOP.
  • Fixed an issue that Houdini might crash if log level is set to INFO or lower.
  • Fixed bugs in Houdini connector install and uninstall scripts.

Houdini Connector Documentation

Thank you for checking out the Omniverse Houdini Connector!

Here is a video that gives a quick start of how it works:



Could you please start a new support thread regarding your load issue?

Part of the Houdini install is to a json file called, omniverse_h195.json , located in your Houdini preferences folder: <path_to_preferences>/houdini19.5/packages folder.

Verify that file is there and confirm the variable is set to, “HOMNI” : “E:/OMNI/pak/houdini-connector-102.0.0/houdini19.5”

I know why, it doesn’t work in PY3.7
PY3.9 working fine