Cannot install houdini connector

I got this error and nothing more,
Error occurred during installation of SideFX Houdini: Command failed: “C:\Users\maxma\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\houdini-connector-102.0.0\HoudiniConnectorInstall.bat”

Hello @maxmax003! Could you attach a copy of your Launcher logs from here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher. These logs may have more information on why this error occured.

here is the log file, I keep reciving the same error, I’m on houdini 19.5.368 on windows 11

launcher.log (160.6 KB)


Thank you for sending the log file. We are investigating your error.

Hello @maxmax003,
Thanks for reporting the error. I have an update regarding the issue.
Currently the connector assumes your Houdini user directories live under %USERPROFILE%\Documents\houdini19.x If the directories do not exist, that will fail the connector installation. Please note that it only fails when neither 19.0 nor 19.5 not exist (It is ok if you only have one versions of Houdini 19 installed.)
We have an upcoming release that will address this issue properly. In the meantime, you can manually create the directory before installing Houdini Connector.
For example, C:\Users\maxma\Documents\houdini19.5\ . Please also make sure that path is in the %HOUDINI_PATH% environment variable, which is the default Houdini settings.

Please let me know if that solves the issue, and please don’t hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions. We are here to help!

Oh, I see, Is because I moved all my documents folder to a dropbox folder in another drive to decouple my files from the windows install, I have a question, if I point the %HOUDINI_PATH% to a folder in my c: drive as you say I think it will mess up with all my other plugins, like redshift, mops, modeler, etc?, I guess I could try, also, I don’t know If I could ask you something about instancing here or should I create another post. I did some instancing pack geometry in houdini and I wanted to export it to usd to omniverse, but I have some attributes per instance that I want to use to drive the shader, but so far I think I only manage to get those attributes as primvars if I unpack, but the file gets pretty heavy and I’m testing only with cubes, do you know what I can do or where can I look into it or what should be the right settings to import or read those primars in omniverse?

By the way, It did work, it created a package json file in that path and I move it to the folder I have all the other packges in my dropbox docs, so everything is working now

Great! Glad it worked for you. Our new release should address this. Thank you again for reporting this issue and testing the solutions out.
Regarding the instancing question you have… I ran into an issue that simple geometries that exported from Houdini are heavy in USD format because Houdini exported all attributes as timesampled. Not sure if that’s same as what you described above. it would be great if you can provide an example hip and/or usd file. Please feel free to start another topic so it is more visible for other people in this community, and they can help, too! :)

Hi, I created a post, I wanted to upload images, but I just can upload one file so I uploaded the hipcl file, basically I want to read the attributes or primvars to the shader when I do the instances or packed geometry, here is the link to the new post

Hi everyone. Thanks to you explanation i was able to install the connector but it doesn’t show up in Houdini.
I changed someting and maybe it’s gonna help to understand my problem. Befor i installed the connector i moved the houdini file into C:\Users\nicor\Documents\houdini19.5 because at default houdini was saved the houdini19.5 file in Dokumente (German) and i always recieved an error about a PowerShell ( Informationen zu Ausführungsrichtlinien - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn ). Let me know if you need more information. I’m very exited to finally use.
Thank you in advanced.

Hi, so the thing is that omniverse install the package in the default preferences folder which is in the documents folder, so if you gonna have your own preferences path you don’t have to change the %HOUDINI_PATH% or you will have things pointing two folders. Basically what I did is I have my docs in a D drive becouse of dropbox, and I created an extra docs on C:\Users\maxma\Documents\houdini19.5\ to allow omniverse to install, then I moved the packge omniverse._h195.json to my installed path(the one in my dropbox) but you can’t delete the one in teh C drive because it seems omniverse uses it to save the houdini tems and versions before uploading to the nucleus, not sure, I just leave it there

I moved my houdini file back to the previous place and it’s working now. Thank you sooo much.


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