Error during installation - Houdini 19.5.368 - Connector 102.1.0

Hello everyone!

I’m having a problem during the installation of the connector, reading the previous topics I checked everything in the %HOUDINI_PATH% is right. I’m running the launcher by Admin.

The error I’m receiving now is:
Error occurred during installation of SideFX Houdini: Command failed: “E:\Omniverse\ov\pkg\houdini-connector-102.1.0\HoudiniConnectorInstall.bat”
Couldn’t determine houdini19.0 user preferences directory location for install.
File creation error - The system cannot find the file specified.

In case you need some info I’m running Windows 10 Pro 21H2, Houdini 19.5.368 and I tried to install both the versions of the connector in the launcher but I’ve got the same error everytime.

launcher.log (112.2 KB)

To whoever will have this problem I think I found a solution.
If Houdini has problem to save into the Documents and everything is setted properly, much probably is a problem with Windows Security in the Ransomware protection. This can effect the installation of the Connector as well (I have got the same problem with the Maya Connector installation), so or you turn off the protection or you can add the various app in the exceptions.

I hope this will help someone with my same problem.

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