Houdini Connector

I really, really like Omniverse. I’m very excited to get access to your GPU Physics libraries - I’ve been wanting access to them for small/medium projects for some time now.

Any timeline you can share for the SideFX Houdini connector?


Any information you can share about PreFacturing in Houdini for working with Blast?

I vaguely remember reading somewhere you guys made an HDA that does just that. Any way I can get my hands on that?

Hi Daryl,

I don’t recall seeing anything like a Blast Houdini thing … maybe its not from NVIDIA? … If you find a link to it please post.

Hi Adam,

I vaguely remember seeing this in the wild, I believe it may have been for the UE4 workflow?

Nah, it was for AWS Lumberyard.

I’ve been evaluating OV Create over the holiday break and I have alot of questions/feedback I’ll be posting here…in separate threads.

To this thread, AFTER I understood how Blast works and the properties it needs on the USD primitives, I was gonna make an Houdini HDA to allow me to pre-fracture stuff, save out to USD (with all the required Blast data) and then do the Sim in OV Create.

This is a workaround until there is a Houdini Connector - is my assumption.

Also, if you guys need any help authoring HDA’s that target OV Create workflows, I can help with that, and any testing on the Houdini side.

Okay! We’re currently working on adding more capabilities to pre-fracture directly in Create, but of course if you have the perfect pre-fracture tools in Houdini it would be great to get that imported, so what you say is very exciting!

Yeah, I’m just trying to nail down what data structures Blast is looking for. I’m evaluating a single parent-child fracture in OV Create and looking at all the data elements Blast puts on the USD primitives.

I can get there thru trial-and-error, but if there’s some docs you can share, that’d get me there faster.

Ah, so looks like the AWS tool is not USD based, so they are using .fbx and a custom .blast file format for asset transport.

So, I think I’ll just roll my own here and attempt to put the required Blast data directly on the USD Primitives.

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Hi Daryl,

I’m on the Blast dev team. First of all it’s really exciting to see this interest in Blast, and I’m looking forward to checking out your plugin!

Just to let you know where we’re at - Blast for Omniverse is still in a pre-release stage, and we’ve yet to nail down a format which we’ll codify as a USD schema. Getting the format nailed down is a top priority, necessary for our “1.0” release. We’d be happy to work with you to make sure the pipeline from Houdini is smooth when it’s in place.

Thank you,
Bryan Galdrikian

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Hey Bryan,

Thanks so much for chiming in here. FYI - I have Win10 and Linux (PopOS) systems available for testing.

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Any updates in regards to this?

Hi all. Here is a link to the documentation we have on the Blast Extension: Blast Destruction — Omniverse Extensions documentation