Units for Aperture of Camera


I am creating a Orthographic camera, The documentation says that the aperture is in milimeter
However, when we are trying to create camera with a Orthographic Projection

  1. When Stage Unit = 1 mm (0.001 Mtr), camera Unit = 1 cm
  2. When Stage Unit = 1 meter, Camera Unit = 10 meter

It always looks like Aperture of camera is 10X the units the stage unit. Can this please be explained?

Documentation mentions it as Milimeter - Cameras — Omniverse Create documentation

However the tooltip mentions


Hi @Shekhar.L. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for reporting here and for the sample stages. I believe everything is working as it should. The tooltip is correct and we can update the documentation to match the tooltip. I’ve logged this internal issue to fix the documentation: OM-88152.

I’m attaching here the Stages you shared with me. I noticed you had a scale transformation on the Cube in the CentiMeterStage.usd that was causing results that you weren’t expecting. Once I fixed that, here’s what I’m seeing:

  • MeterStage.usd
    • metersPerUnit = 1
    • Cube = 1m
    • horizontalAperture = 10 (decimeters)
  • CentiMeterStage.usd
    • metersPerUnit = 0.01
    • Cube = 100cm
    • horizontalAperture = 1000 (millimeters)

The camera frustum and cube line up perfect in both cases. Does that clear it up?
CentiMeterStage.usd (7.1 KB)
MeterStage.usd (5.6 KB)

Hello @mati-nvidia , Thank you my concern on the aperture is resolved. The scale transformation was applied to match and has been resolved.

Also, thank you for considering the update in the documentation

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