Size on import

I’m confused on how the size of an object is handled during import, I use a lot of CAD files with exact measurements but not sure if this is of importance in Create ?

I find my files to look very small when I open them in Create compared to the grid, and when I zoom in the Dome and HDR around the scene seems to stay the same size, not sure I have it right here, what’s the best workflow here ?


A unit is a centimeter I believe. You might also want to check the root scale.

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Thanks, I found it, indeed the meters per unit is set to 0.01 but how can I check if my model is using the right units, when I change the Root Layer units to for example 0.001 nothing really changes ? thanks

You should know it when you make it from the other software.

Yes sure but I just wanted to make sure the measures are correct as some applications change it during import

You can use a cube as a reference. That’s what I do when I have trust issue :v .

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Thanks that’s what I’ll do good point :)

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