How to set the vertical_aperture in

Hi, experts.

Although the vertical_aperture parameter is not apparent in the arguments of, how can it be configured?
PYTHON API — omni_replicator 1.10.10 documentation (

i don’t think that value is meant to be changed. the only meaningful change from it is when you set it to negative value, which effectively flips your output vertically. i can only speculate it’s one of the reasons why it’s left out from the arguments; but will let the mods/devs chime in. below is a visual representation of the value change on the rep cameras, hope it explains the params better (from both perspective and in-camera view):


if, however, you’d want to adjust that value, i’ll defer to the mods/devs as well.

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Hi @matsumoto-kai I checked on this and the vertical_aperture actually doesn’t do anything directly. The vertical aperture is set from the result of the image aspect ratio and the horizontal aperture. It probably should be removed as an option to avoid confusion.