Camera aperture offset not functional

When trying to use the “Aperture Offset” parameters on a camera (both imported and created in Create) the only thing I can see get offset is the transform handles.

Is it supposed to work currently?

Hi aslak1!
At least the Horizontal Aperture setting works ok, it makes the sensor/film width bigger if you want. It´s kinda more “hollywood” feel in a nutshell.
But what would try to achieve using this Aperture Offset?
“Offsets Resolution/Film gate horizontally” what is the benefit of this ?

I’m trying to get a 1080 crop out of a 4k frame, using the offset to position the crop

Oh, I see. I use adobe premiere but at some stage I think I can let that go…
OpenShot is good free video editor.

Hi @aslak1! I’ve asked the dev team to give more insight into this. Thanks for reaching out.

@pekka.varis I appreciate the help!

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Hey, forget that OpenShot for possible cropping & other post-production.
This is the way yo go, now as Blender is supported too:

My wish is more to render it out cropped, I might be doing a 11500x1080px animation soon so I would imagine it could help to render it out in batches. There the aperture offset would help a lot to speed things up

Ah, you are doing some mighty panoramic renderings. wow! Multiple displays or some environment backdrop maybe?

270 degree video wall installation :) exciting times

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Man that is superb! I hope they solve this soon for you.

Hello @aslak1 & @pekka.varis! I just wanted to let you know that our Create and Rendering teams are looking into this! Thanks for you patience!


Hello @WendyGram, hello @aslak1 !

Wendy, any news regarding the resolution of this bug ?

I need this feature too, and there is no informations elsewhere on Internet ^^

While we’re at it, any idea when the 2022 version of Create will be released ?

Thanks in advance !

Hello @billyjohn1! The development team does have the bug “In Progress”. The want to get this ready for an upcoming release. (For your reference, internal Ticket OM-42611)