How to set Aperture Policy in viewport setiings?

I am really confused that how the different Aperture policy works ? what the diffs between them: crop , stretch, fit , adjust camera, match vertical/horizontal ?
I have tow camera with fisheye lens and the set the resolution 1920 x 1080, when I use the stretch aperture policy it runs , instead of using crop policy the sim crash beacuse of GPU memory not enough. I really don’t konw why ? Thanks very much if you could help me.
here is the isaacsim run log
kit_20220614_150430.log (2.9 MB)

Here’s de documentation about how to set up cameras:

about the Sim crash, can you try with a smaller scene and check if maybe the stage you’re opening is too big to be handled by your gpu?

I have read the documentation Cameras — Omniverse Create documentation but it seems like no introduction about aperature policy .

I really confused about why my GPU memory usage is so big , my robots have two fisheye lens camera with 1920x1080 render resolution. When i run it on 3070TI machine it always crash because of GPU memory not enough , when i run it on 3080ti machine, it runs normally but the ros publisher rate is really low , it keeps less than 10hz, i try to set viewport FPS limit on , but it don’t work . how should i increase the publisher rate ?

i run the robot demo both in omniverse defalut scene such ac warehouse and imported scene from unreal, but it both keeps low publish rate

If you create more viewports (one for each camera that you create), the memory usage increases accordingly. the FPS does not impact memory usage. With that said, changing the render resolution will reduce both memory usage and time to render, increasing your fps output.
Since you have two fisheye lens cameras, plus the base viewport - that’s a lot of rendering needs, I am not sure the 3070ti can handle three full HD renders with a reasonable rate. For reference, I am getting 27FPS on RTX realtime on a A6000 with a similar setup with the bin stacking demo example.

okay ! Thank you very much !

Can we force a desired FPS for the Ros cameras? In isaac2021 one could simply render n-times and when finished publish a frame by ticking the component. This seems not possible anymore. Do you have any suggestion? I’ve opened two related issues with more details.

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