IsaacSim ROS camera resolution


I’m trying to connect IsaacSim(2022.2.0 ver) to ROS, and there are some problems as below.

  1. Publish frequency of viewport.
  • I am using Omni ActionGraph to publish camera topics.
  • How can I control the viewport publish rate.
  1. Viewport resolution
  • I want to change the resolution of viewport through ROS camera publisher.
  • Previous version (IsaacSim 2021.2.1) supported the resolution converter in ROS camera publisher, but this version seems like that function is depreciated anymore.
  • Is there any method to control the resolution in ROS ActionGraph ?

Thank you.

for 2: You can add ‘Isaac Set Viewport Resolution’ Node to your graph.

If using Render Product, you can set the height and width as inputs to the node.


For modifying the Publishing rate of ROS2 cameras, refer to the documentation here: ROS2 Cameras

You can control the rate at which images are published using the Python API for Isaac Sim with ROS2.