IsaacSim ROS camera resolution


I’m trying to connect IsaacSim(2022.2.0 ver) to ROS, and there are some problems as below.

  1. Publish frequency of viewport.
  • I am using Omni ActionGraph to publish camera topics.
  • How can I control the viewport publish rate.
  1. Viewport resolution
  • I want to change the resolution of viewport through ROS camera publisher.
  • Previous version (IsaacSim 2021.2.1) supported the resolution converter in ROS camera publisher, but this version seems like that function is depreciated anymore.
  • Is there any method to control the resolution in ROS ActionGraph ?

Thank you.

for 2: You can add ‘Isaac Set Viewport Resolution’ Node to your graph.

If using Render Product, you can set the height and width as inputs to the node.