ROS camera framerate

Thank you for the updated synchronized stereo camera setup which is a welcome addition. Is it possible to set the camera frame rate independently of the viewport settings? Setting it with the viewport can be problematic, as all topics will then be published at the same rate. The viewport fps limit can also not be set lower than 10, nor can one enter a specific number (the slider is a bit fiddly).

Ideally we would like to use the odom topic as IMU input, which would need to be at a higher frequency then.

How usable is the IMU which has been added to the Stereo ROS sample?

Is there a change log for all the new additions?

Thx again for the awesome update!

  • Working on a pure python ROS sample for the Carter ROS setup which will show how to do variable publishing for different messages.
  • IMU only exists in terms of tf messages, will look into adding proper message support
    Some new things coming in the next minor release in a week or so based on other forum conversations:
  • Ability to tick a ROS component manually from python
  • Ability to set Tx,Ty in a ROS camera component for stereo setups

The 2021.1.0 release had a few too many changes to quantify all of them in a changelog properly :)
Going forward we will improve this process.

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Thx, looking forward to the next update!

@phil replied to the other thread, but also wanted to mention that with the 2021.1.1 changes hopefully the changelog is clearer :)

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