IMU Sensor hz setting problem using ros2 in Isaac Simulator

I’m planning to get the camera topic and imu topic together based on ros2 in Isaac Simulator.
I used the omnigraph for getting the sensor topics. Below figure is my imu graph node.

At first, i fix the fps limit to 30 for setting the camera topic to 30 fps.
But In that case, the imu hz is also same with the camera topic like 30.

But i want to fix the imu hz to 100, and the camera fps to 30 respectively.
‘SensorPeriod’ property of imu sensor is not applied I think,

How can i fix each sensor topic hz(=fps)?

Please help me!

Thank you so much for reading :)

My Isaac Version : 2022.1.1 release version

@Ayush_G I saw the below page that you answered about imu issue.

Is method “Standalone workflow” the only way to control IMU hz ?
Or Is there any way to control the imu hz (up to 100) using ros2 ?
I’m so desperate to solve this problem…
So I take the liberty of tagging you in this page…

I’m really sorry and thank you so much for reading this issue.

Ayush’s reply in the linked question suggested increasing the timestep in the PhysicsScene (up to 119 Hz), have you tried that? did it work?

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