Can I set IMU frequency in Isaac Sim


I am trying to publish imu data by setting OmniGraph. But the frequency of IMU is too low to run any VIO algorithm. Can I set the publish frequency with GUI.

Hi @liuxiao916,

In case you havent already, it is important to setup the ROS1 Publish Clock OmniGraph node (publishes to the /clock topic) and provide it with the timestamp from Isaac Read Simulation Time OmniGraph node.

Next, in a ROS-sourced terminal, run: rosparam set use_sim_time true. This will ensure that all other ROS1 nodes in the network are synchronised with /clock topic (Isaac Sim time).

Finally, you can setup a Physics Scene and change the “Time Steps per Second” value. However 119Hz will be the maximum as after that you will start to reach the FPS limit and ROS nodes wont be able to publish any faster in GUI.

If you need an even faster publish rates, then you can only do it by writing/running a Standalone application.
I would suggest looking at the ROS Visual Inertial Odometry with Quadruped Example which publishes IMU data at 200 Hz.

Thank you, your advice solves my problem.

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