How to publish the camera topic at a fixed FPS?

I am publishing the ROS2 Topic ( camera, lidar, IMU etc ) using Omnigraph in isaac sim.

My version is like below.

  • Isaac Sim : 2022.1.1
  • ROS2

But I want to publish the camera topic at a fixed FPS. ( Lidar, IMU either )
However i couldn’t find how to fix the FPS(=Hz) value based on ros2 in isaac sim.

Like the below figure, There is a function “Set FPS Limit”, but it does not apply.

In addition, according to the complex scene, amount of topics, and the number of viewports, I confirmed that ros2 publish Hz varies.

To sum up:

  1. I want to publish the camera topic at a fixed fps ( IMU, Lidar either )
  2. Is there a way to publish Ros2 topic with fixed hz in isaac sim?

Thank you so much for reading it!

Hi @harinp33 , please close this issue as it is exactly same as this issue which is previously posted: ROS2 Camera topic publish Hz control (Camera FPS Fix problem using ros2) by other user. Our team will respond in some time. Thank you.

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I closed this topic!
I’m really looking forward to the answer about this problem!
Thank you so much!

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