How to stream images off USB3. camera

I’m trying to generate a video stream off of the See3CAM 10CUG, which is a usb3.0 camera. I’ve tried using VLC and gstreamer with absolutely no success. the error log for vlc is here:

There seems to be some problems communicating with the device, however it seems to be immediately recognized as a v4l2 device and it works perfectly fine on other ubuntu machines in the lab. Has anyone had similar issues with usb3.0 cameras on the TX1? The software E-CON recommended, QTCAM, can’t seem to connect either

I included the datasheets below:

Looks like you have all the docs, and it doesn’t look like there’s anything available for the TX1 itself AFAICT, so you’ll probably want to contact e-Con Systems directly for support.

Hi Jeff, I was planning to use the same camera on my tx1, any solutions yet? Heard people had issues with see3cam being detected as usb2 on startup…

Hi Jeff,

Could you try using the camera using the application qv4l2 on the tx1? You can install the app using sudo apt-get install qv4l2

Also share dmesg logs too next time when connecting the camera as well as when you try to run the application. This would be more helpful in knowing what the issue is.

Also which version of the camera do you have? the color or monochrome one?