streaming video to my camera

Hello all,

I recently acquired the Jetson Development Kit and a camera from Imaging Source, model # DFK 23U445, which is a USB 3.0 camera. After issuing lsusb, I was able to confirm that the development kit does recognize the usb camera, but now I do not know how to stream the video from my camera to confirm that the camera itself is being recognized by the nvidia system. However, when trying to use UVC, mplayer, or gstreamer, I’m getting either segmentation faults or CPU errors, and I assume this is because the jetson kit is using an ARM processor rather than i386 type processors.

My question is how do I go about confirming the video coming from my camera? please let me know if i have to install any drivers, or if there is something presupplied with nvidia to help me get started.

Does it work with cheese?

sudo apt-get install cheese

Or you can check v4l2-ctl --all from v4l-utils package to print out info about V4L2 cameras.