USB Camera being detected but not running in basic OpenCV applications and crashing QtCAM

Camera: E-Con Systems See3CAMCU50 [Tested and working in Windows]

Installed Jetpack, Grinch Kernel, Enabled USB 3.0

Running “sudo lsusb –d ADDRESS –vvv” gets me information about the camera with specific name and details so I don’t think it’s a detection issue. When I open QtCAM I can see the camera as an option in the drop-down list but when I click it the program crashes and I get the following error in terminal:

QEGLPlatformContext::makeCurrent: eglError: 3009, this: 0x7e6ab8

Next I tried running a basic live stream using OpenCV with the laplace code from the OpenCV wiki, however that got me the following errors:
HIGHGUI ERROR: V4L: index 0 is not correct!
GStreamer Plugin → module v4l2src0 reported: Cannot identify device ‘/dev/video0”

Then I searched “ls ltr /dev/video*” and it returned:

Pointing the code to this address didn’t seem to fix the problem, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. please confirm that /dev/video3 is the device just plug-in.
  2. can you confirm that the usb camera you’re using is a standard V4L2 device?

I’m not sure why the device node is /dev/video3, instead of /dev/video0.
anyway, you can just check by dev/video3 and test whether it can work.


Hi Alhar7,

The Qt framework has some issues with rendering opengl accelerated windows on the Jetson TK1. This is the reason you are getting this error:

Run the Qtcam application with this following environment variable set. This will make sure that Qtcam runs without any issues, but the application will be slow and camera framerates will be lower.

sudo QSG_RENDER_LOOP=basic qtcam

I suggest you to try using qv4l2 application which is present in the ubuntu repositories by default for testing the camera. It should support all the high framerates without any problem. The extension unit will not be supported in this application though.

You can install it by using the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get install qv4l2
$ qv4l2

Thanks everyone for the help, ended up doing a clean install of Jetpack 2.2.1 with the Grinch Kernel and enabling usb 3.0 and it seemed to work perfectly that time around.