How to use Deepvariant by RTX4090


Hello. I tried DeevVariant by RTX4090
But I got error…
fq2bam is success.

sudo docker run \
    --gpus all \
    --workdir /workdir \
    --rm \
    --volume $(pwd):/workdir \
    --volume $(pwd):/outputdir \ \
  pbrun deepvariant \
   --in-bam /workdir/HG002.hiseqx.pcr-free.30x.pb.bam \
   --ref /workdir/GCA_000001405.15_GRCh38_no_alt_analysis_set.fna \
   --out-variants /outputdir/HG002.hiseqx.pcr-free.30x.pb.deepvariant.vcf
Detected 1 CUDA Capable device(s), considering 1 device(s)
  CUDA Driver Version / Runtime Version          12.0 / 11.7
Using model for CUDA Capability Major/Minor version number:    89
Selected model not supported for this GPU type.
For technical support visit
Please visit for detailed documentation

Could not run deepvariant
Exiting pbrun ...

Please help me.

Thanks you.

Hi @yuusuke19951005 ,

We are sorry but RTX4090 is not a supported GPU for DeepVariant.
Please see here all the supported GPUs.


Thank you.
Anyway, in the future, can RTX4090 handle Parabricks-DeepVariant ?

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