How to use nvblocks on Jetson Xavier NX?

Me and my team are trying to build an autonomous obstacle detection system for our project. We currently have gotten an Jetson Xavier NX where we want to run the system on. After reading up on Isaac ROS NVBlocks, it seems that is what we want. The problem is that the latest version of Isaac ROS needs either be run on JetPack 6.0 or on an equivalent Nvidia gpu architecture with 8 GB of Ram with Ubuntu 22.04+. The problem is that The Jetson Xavier we have, can’t have JetPack 6.0. It can neither have Ubuntu 22.04 or higher. Is there a version of Isaac ROS that I can install on my Jetson and can still use NvBlocks for my project?

Hi @thomasrosendaal0

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Yes, you can use the old version of Isaac ROS 2.1.0, which is compatible with Xavier NX and Jetpack 5.1.2. Simply clone all repositories with the tag v2.1.0.

We are working to release an archive with the old documentation.


I have a similar issue and am considering the following method: On Xavier Jetpack 5.1.2, Is it possible to use a Jetpack 6.0 Docker image as a base image to build a Docker image for NVBlocks?

Hi @batuhan.sakal

Unfortunately, on jetpack 5.1.2, you cannot use the latest version of Isaac ROS 3.0, but you can use the old version tagged with release 2.1.0.

Hello Rafaello,

Thanks for your response. As I understand with an older version of Jetpack it is not possible to use a Docker image with a higher version such as having Jetpack 6 with a Jetpack 5.x host system.

On the other hand, would it be still possible to use the multi camera setup with ISAAC ROS 2.1.0. ?

Thank for your help.

Hi! The multi camera setup was introduced with the latest release - Isaac ROS 3.0. Since your setup runs JetPack 5.x and Isaac ROS 2.1.0, multi camera isn’t supported.