How to work with OV5640 camera module with Jetson nano??

Hi Developers any one have worked with OV5640 camera module with Jetson Nano? Please help me.

In short you need to a write a kernel driver to support this camera, I did something similar for the OV5647. If you review the Jetson kernel source you can use the OV5693 driver as a starting point. There is an older post with the same question.

Hi Ashish71h64,

You will need a device driver to use the OV5640.

If you are looking for professional services RidgeRun can make a driver for you (if not already done):

Other options are to look for open source, this code could help you as reference (i.MX8):

There is official documentation about how to create camera drivers for the Jetson platforms, you can find it here:


Hi Jas-mx I have the C file of the OV5640
Link is below:-

Could you please tell me how to use this C file to controlling the Camera or in short how to make driver from that.

Its not a case of simply taking those C files there is more (or potentially a lot) work involved in adapting the code to work with CSI and MIPI interfaces. As mentioned refer to the Nivida docs and OV5693 driver which is part of the LT4 kernel source. I wouldn’t recommend you undertaking this unless you have some know of kernel device driver development otherwise its a steep learning curve.