Can I follow Raspberry Pis driver structure and dts structure for ov5647 in jetson nano

Recently I had gone through ov2659, ov7640, ov7670, ov9650 drivers in jetson nano, mostly these drivers follow same structure as in Raspberry Pi, and their dts is also similar so cant I follow same structure for ov5647 to get stream from Raspberry Pis ov5647 camera in jetson nano.


hello lavudijannisubhash,

please check Nano’s reference camera drivers,
you may see-also Jetson Linux R32.7.2 Release Page | NVIDIA Developer to download L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources.
for example,
or… $public_sources/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/hardware/nvidia/platform/t210/porg/kernel-dts/tegra210-p3448-all-p3449-0000-camera-imx477-dual.dts

please also refer to documentation for carrier board design of camera connections.
you may check Jetson Nano Product Design Guide, and also Camera Module Hardware Design Guide for details.

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