Porting OV9281 driver from Raspberry Pi to Jetson Nano

Hi, there is camera module using the OV9281 global shutter camera with the CSI interface for the raspberry pi.

Amazon.com: Raspberry Pi Camera OV9281 up to 453fps External Trigger Stream Mode Monochrome Global Shutter Sensor 1MPixel for Raspberry Pi 4B 3B+ 3B 3A+ CM3+ CM3 Pi Zero W,Support Bullseye libcamera : Electronics

The drivers are open source:

GitHub - INNO-MAKER/CAM-OV9281RAW-V2: Sersor OV9281, RAW-DATA, 2-LAN Output Module

Can this driver be ported over to the jetson nano? Is there a driver for the jetson nano currently available?

hello lowellm,

that github it looks like deliver k-5.10/5-5.15 kernel modules.
however, please refer to JetPack Archive | NVIDIA Developer, it’s Jetpack-4.x to support with Jetson Nano series, and Jetpack-4.x is still stay-on kernel-4.9.

there’s ov9281 drivers and sensor modes available. you may add device tree changes to bring-up this camera module.

Yes but I assume it shouldn’t be difficult to port since it covers what’s required to interface with the device?

Could you explain the steps needed to get the camera running with the existing driver?

hello lowellm,

as I mentioned, since ov9281 drivers and sensor modes already available. you may implement device tree changes for adding hardware specific properties.

please check developer guide, Sensor Software Driver Programming.
you may see-also Tutorials page for the V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial.

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