Camera Driver for OV9281

I’m using an Omnivision OV9281 camera. It seems with Jetpack 4.4, the OV9281 camera module is not supported. However, it does support Jetpack 4.3 with some camera drives. Does anyone have a working camera driver for this camera hardware and instructions for installing it?

No matter with J4.4 or J4.3 doesn’t support this module by default kernel Image and device tree.
How did you have it working on J4.3?

ov9281 is on the list.

Its working now. Had to flash the nano with the given Ov9281 drivers. It seems to be ok now.

Drivers from J4.3 or another source?

J4.3 only. I tried to run it on J4.4 but it is not compatible.

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What board do you use with the sensor, arducam?

Jetson Nano ofcourse

I meant the board for the sensor:

Arducam has two boards on which the sensor and the signal converter are located.

At the same time, “vision components” sensors do not have such a converter and are connected directly:

Its the vision component one

Will be interesting it work whith jetson nano?

Can you share the drivers for the Jetson AGX Xavier, tried to found it in the website but no luck