Porting OV9281 driver from Raspberry Pi to Jetson Nano


I am trying to use this camera: CAM-MIPIOV9281V2

with the jetson nano. I found one topic that already discussed porting the drivers however, I couldn’t make any sense of it. (Porting OV9281)

I would appreciate any help achieving that, or if anyone already has a driver ready. I am currently stuck trying to compile the driver, but no success so far, because of different kernel versions (4.9 Jetson nano, 5.15/5.10 driver)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot

FYI, Jetson-Nano it only works with rel-32 code-line, (Jetpack-4.x) which is based-on kernel version 4.9
for example, please visit linux-tegra-r3274 to download the [Driver Package (BSP) Sources] package.

Thanks for the response.

But what is the next step then. How do i port the driver or try to compile/install it.
Is there documentation about this specific case?

Best regards

here’s developer guide for your reference, Building the NVIDIA Kernel.

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