Pi Global Shutter Camera CSI connection to Jetson Nano

No /dev/video* device found after connecting PI GS camera to Jetson Nano by CSI. Could you suggest any solution? I have tried to install libcamera for drivers, but it was not helped.

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Make sure the libcamera include the driver(kernel/device tree) otherwise current default release BSP doesn’t support it.
You can reference to below for implement sensor driver for Jetson device.


Are there any plans to include this global shutter cam and the v3 one as well into the BSP? Is there any type of ETA?

I’ve also found this resource: GitHub - VC-MIPI-modules/vc_mipi_nvidia: Vision Components MIPI CSI-2 driver for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Xavier NX, AGX Xavier and TX2
They have kernel and dts files for the imx296, however I’m not sure about any specifics of the interface for the Raspberry Pi Cameras because they seem to not like releasing proper datasheets or I’ve never seen one.

The issue with that resource is that It doesn’t work with the current version for the Nano (R32.7.3), it works for up to R32.6.1 and says experimental releases for R32.7.1 and R32.7.2.

So I personally need to downgrade my Nano to then begin trying that or figure out how to update the drivers. Either way, I’m not fluid in linux or any of these subjects and have largely been utilizing GPT4 to help guide myself to trying to get the global shutter cameras working.

One would think that with the vc_mipi_nvidia resources, the libcamera resources from Raspberry Pi and the previous camera drivers from the v2 and HQ modules, which already work on the Nano, that it would be very doable to generate the drivers for the Nano for the new camera systems being released.

I’ll keep working on it myself, but as I stated before, I’m not fluid in this area.

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