Jetson Nano I can't make the pi camera or e-Cam work


I write because I need support to start the camera
I am not getting it turned on.

I can’t make the pi camera or e-Cam work
I suspect that it is the MIPI CSI of the Jetson Nano.

I already thank you, regards

Hi Castillo, which model cameras are you using? Regarding the Raspberry Pi camera, is it the Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2? The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 uses the IMX219 sensor which has a driver built into JetPack-L4T. The OV5647-based Raspberry Pi Camera Module v1.3 doesn’t have a built-in driver, but one has been posted here.

By e-Cam camera, do you mean one from e-Con Systems? You would need to get the driver from them for it.

If you run nvgstcapture-1.0 camera viewer program, do you see the video feed? If not, does it produce any errors that you could post?

Have you tried reversing the camera flex cable at the connection into the camera header on the Nano board?

Thank for you answer, I have Pi Camera Module v2 and e-Con Systems camera.
I can work with e-Con Systems camera. I put drivers e-CAM30_CUNANO that it’s doesn’t in dlinano image.


You would need to contact e-ConSystems support about the driver for their camera.

The driver for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 is already included in JetPack, so that should work out of the box. If you run nvgstcapture, do you see the camera feed from rPi camera? If not, what errors does it produce, and are you sure its not plugged into the Nano’s camera header backwards?

Hi Castillo,
I need to clarify a few doubts in your driver installation for e-CAM30_CUNANO camera.

  1. An SD card would have been shipped along with the camera, which contains the bootable binaries for Jetson NANO development kit. Did you try booting with the SD card?
  2. Can you please share the dmesg log when you boot the Jetson NANO development kit with e-CAM30_CUNANO camera connected?

Thanks in advance.

Hello I solve it thanks to your help. with you passed me an image of the sd.

Nvidia’s dlinano image didn’t have the drivers installed,

The image passed by you, yes.

Hi, I encountered the same problem while I manually erase the SD card sent to me. Could you please send me another image?
thanks a lot