how's the capacity of Jetson TK1's USB Hub?

I think there should be fuse in jetson board’s USB Port.

how’s the capacity of fuse/

because there are only one usb port, I have to connect many device into tk1’s board by USB hub

how’s the capacity of usb port?

now I’m connect mouse, keyboard, USB to FTDI cable, ZED Stereo Camera in just one usb port and it draws power on TK1 board’s usb port.

is it durable?

what if I connect too many device and it draws more capacity than it can covers?

I don’t know if this is the case, but an active circuit for overcurrent protection is actually preferred to a fuse (but costs more than a fuse). I have also not tested actual USB ability to deliver current, but there are standards on what should be available. Are you more interested in what USB standards say are valid current delivery requirements, or are you asking about whether the system has been tested to deliver those values safely?

NOTE: I’ve always found it to be a bad idea to rely on bus-powered devices when approaching power limits even if the value is within limits. A powered HUB is a good idea for those cases.

I know powered hub is good

but I’ll use TK board with drone.

do I have to make 5V input for usb hub?

it is possible but I have many workload now…

maybe later I’ll use bec to supply power for hub

thank you

USB sets standards for what supply should be available. The standards are separate for USB2 and older, versus USB3. Note that if USB3 falls back to USB2 it implies the device will only get USB2 power delivery standards. Should a USB2 HUB be plugged into a USB3 port, then all power delivery will be downgraded to USB2 standards.

In general, answers are availabe at Are you looking for information USB2 or on USB3? Those standards should also define what a Jetson is actually capable of delivering (though I’ve never tested).

Thank you!