Http:// not connecting

I’m folliwng the Jetson AI fundamentals course and I can’t connect to on my browser. It just says site cant be reached

I’m not going by that instruction, but the micro-B USB cable, when plugged in between Jetson and host PC, shows up as a virtual network router. This means the host PC will send a DHCP request, and the host gets IP address, while the Jetson gets the address If the Jetson is using wired or wireless networking, then you can substitute that address instead.

So far as the host PC not being able to reach the Jetson, this is a network setup issue. This includes any firewall or security settings at the host PC side. Normally, if the host is an Ubuntu PC, there won’t be an issue under default settings (though sometimes it is). For Windows it is a bit more hit and miss, and there is a strong chance that for Windows it is a security setting which is causing Windows to not allow that virtual USB network device to be used until manually allowed.

I probably can’t answer on the Windows side, but normally there would be some sort of pop-up or note about the device needing to be ok’d to work. That or Windows defender settings could be changed to allow this. For Ubuntu host PCs, you would want to monitor “dmesg --follow”, and then see what log lines appear as a result of plugging in the USB cable of the fully booted Jetson. That’s a starting point, and if that doesn’t resolve it, then you’ll need to describe the host PC, and if logs are available from the USB plug-in event, then you’d want to include that too.

Ah I see. I want this to work because running a container gives you access to memory more easily and currently I’m having trouble with running juypter code since the kernels keep dying. I suppose its a memory issue because when I try to run the block of code that does anything intensive (such as creating a camera), the kernels die

If there is nothing running on port 8888, then you would see an error about service being denied. If you see a note about the site or route being unreachable or unknown, then this is networking. The former is a failure on the Jetson, the latter is a failure in networking or network setup or firewall. If you have a second network method, then the latter can be worked around, e.g., by using the PC’s existing network at its address rather than using the USB virtual network.

When Jupyter dies, port 8888 would likely go down. Having some subset fail, such as a kernel, but not the whole application, would tend to leave port 8888 running. In the case of not being able to reach the site it is very likely the container is not set up to allow this.

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