Http client on jetson agx xavier


i would like push few data through http protocol to cloud. i m new to http protocol, is there any default http client availble by jetpack 4.6 ??

please help me with sample code for establishing client on jetson agx xavier, thanks

Do you mean some sort of scriptable command line client? If so, then often people use “curl” for this (“sudo apt-get install curl”). If you have a specific use-case for the cloud, then someone familiar with it might know of solutions for the exact software you use (e.g., gstreamer), but you’d need to give a more exact sample of use.

hi @linuxdev ,

thanks for quick reply

i want to publish .csv file to http server(cloud) through jetson
as we know jetpack already has tcp/ip stack. does jetpack comes with any http client where i can publish this .csvfile. i m looking for any c++ code sample that uses tcp/ip stack , establish connection to server and push the file to server ( i will be having server auth details & all)

i m not clear on packages or libraries to use and push this file, thanks

Is there a web server URL you need to send this to? If so, what protocols does it accept, e.g., http, scp/ssh/sftp, git, email, so on? Knowing the exact protocol and what kind of response you might need to reply to would help (there is even an interactive reply script tool called “TK Expect” which aids with things like password responses, and was used a lot with old 56k modems dialing in to an ISP).

There are separate programs to do this, and often in C++ I’d just use a system() call (“man -S 3 system”, and wrap the header in extern "C"), which would name that program, the file, and the address to send to.

I have not used them, but there are a lot of libraries for doing such things if you want to go through the effort (the utilities available are so well developed though that it is mostly better to just use the existing utilities).

yes its http protocol.

can you please help with libraries or utilities available in c++ if you aware of ??

I will use an example address of “”. Replace this with your actual address. If you have a file named “sample.csv”, can you place it there with this (we are testing, perhaps install “sudo apt-get install wput”):
curl --data-raw sample.csv

There are other choices as well, e.g., there is a “wget” (to get) and “wput” (to put). If we find one which works, then it is a simple exercise to wrap this in a call to “system()”.

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