Data in Network

Hello community,

Is it possible to transfer DATA from the NVIDIA AGX XAVIER into a NETWORK? So we can read the data from another place?

Thank you.

Ethernet transfer on the Jetson is like any other Linux system. You’d need to give more information on the nature of the data…how much, is it in the form of a file, what kind of timing requirements, so on. Network programming is simple if you want to build your own software, plus lots of software like netcat and scp are already available without any need to program.

So basically, I want to use Xavier for data sensors fusion on an engine (GPS Module, Radar sensor, Camera with processing) and id like to send this data to be seen in another place. I just want to know what is the capability of Xavier to send data, so I can see what can I send and how can i.

Thank you so much.

Any kind of data which any desktop PC Linux can use is also available on the Xavier. If you are on a local wired network, then probably just UDP socket programming would do the job. If you are going over the internet or over WiFi, then you probably want TCP (more latency, but reliability). Basic socket programming is fairly easy, and many many examples are available. Options such as USB are possible, but the knowledge you would need is much more than with socket programming. In the case of batching data and sending it as a file, then you don’t even need to program…just using something like scp in a script would do the job.

Part of why it is difficult to give a better answer is not knowing if this is just one binary data stream, or if it is many, and what their timing requirements are. If timing and latency are not a huge issue, then your life is much easier in building this. Also, items like cameras can vary to the extreme in how much data they actually produce (e.g., different resolutions and frame rates). The basics of what you are suggesting you need are definitely something network programming and the Xavier can handle; the trick is whether it can handle it fast enough and with the timing you will require.

you could probably publish a data from Xavier to a webpage in a way you will be able to retrieve the webpage content from anywhere, for example;
Otherwise you may consider specifically technical and Linux tools like netcat