Connect Xavier with Windows PC in network

Hello Community,

How can I send data from Xavier to a PC windows server so i can read it on a user interface. knowing that that Windows PC is far from the Xavier

Thank you

Ethernet would be the best method for such a case. Without many more specific details it is hard to say anything more useful.

Thank you for your reply.
My use case is like this: I’m equipping an engine with sensors and streaming cameras. The processing must be done locally and it must be sent in a Network to be seeing in another place in a Desktop HMI user interface based on Windows(This desktop application must have the streaming and the numerical data).

If you are creating a video stream, then you may be interested in RTSP streaming. Basically video over a web server protocol. I couldn’t tell you how to set that up though.

If other sensors are involved, then you might need to create some sort of custom application. Other sensors which display into a video stream would not require a custom app since you could stream that with the video in the RTSP stream.