AGX Xavier - Best ways for code delivery to customer

If we develop a PCIe driver on top of Nvidia AGX Xavier and also Apps, what are the ways we can follow to deliver the code to the customer. i.e., any build script (like Yocto) which easy the code integration which customer can follow.

I don’t have answer for this, may other developers help to share experiences.

There is a lot I don’t know about the situation, but I’d simply make a “.deb” package. If this is only for a kernel module, and not a kernel, then at least the driver part is simple if the customer has not installed a new kernel. In other words, binary format which the package would simply copy to the correct module directory location. Then it is as simple as something like:
sudo dpkg -i my_package.deb

Incidentally, I’ll suggest separate packages for any kernel module versus user space application.

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