Huge CPU usage more than 1400%

Hi,When I deployed in Ubuntu-22.04, I found that the CPU usage was up to 1400%, which is a bug or some other reason. My hw is i7 13700K+RTX3080.

@qzlxc i am just another user, but is this with only the Launcher running or is this with one of the OV apps? if so, could you specify which one you were using that’s causing your CPU usage to spike to that amount?

audio2face,i cant understand why.

Hi,Launcher and bash cause the same result.

I’ve solved it, I can’t believe it’s actually a kernel issue, the 6.2.0 kernel has a common problem, just upgrade to the 6.5.0 kernel.

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I am glad you figured it out. Launcher has been reported to cause a lot of background CPU usage, so look to close it and quit it when not in use.

I know that the launcher uses a certain amount of CPU,but not so much。Its indeed due to other reasons.