HydraRenderer failed to render frame after -> crash

On version 2022.1.1 it crashes when using the BasicWriter

Hi @vlad.crehul! Welcome to the forums. Could you gather your logs and add them here so a developer can take a look. There are instructions here about how to locate the log files: How to Report an issue with Omniverse

kit_20220816_161710.log (865.5 KB)

Thanks. I’ll forward this along to the devs.

Hello, for replicator you need to use the RTX renderer.

I’m quite sure I am using the ray tracing. Especially because at one point it actually worked. Never managed to reproduce this.
It also works fine in 2022.1.1 but something changed with scatter_2d that it doesn’t work with multiple planes.

def modifySemantics(prim, primString):
	with prim:
		rep.modify.semantics([('class', primString)])

modifySemantics(Object1, "Object1")
modifySemantics(Object2, "Object2")
modifySemantics(Plane1, "Plane1")
modifySemantics(Plane2, "Plane2")

objectList=[('class','Object1'), ('class', 'Object2')]

with Object:
return Object.node

This does not work but it works with: planesList=[('class','Plane1')]

Hi @vlad.crehul. Just checking in to see if this is still any issue for you.

Haven’t tested it further because of the crashing, used the latest version instead. But I have this problem in the new versions.

Scatter_2d does not work with multiple surfaces prims in omni.replicator.core1.2.4 and omniverse 2022.1.3 - Omniverse / Synthetic Data Generation (SDG) - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Hi @vlad.crehul. I’ve opened internal issue OM-74642 and the dev team is looking into it.

Please try again with Code-2022.3 and let me know if you have any update that I can provide to the dev team.

Thank you!