Scatter_2d not working (as expected)

(2022.2.0) check_for_collision=True doesn’t seem to do anything different from =False. Could be user error, fer’sure. Reviewing the other forum issues didn’t seem to help. (Documentation on ‘plane’ might be throwing me?) My goal is to put a bunch of pallets in front of the camera (with distractors behind…) btw, this code is a simple addition to

def register_pallet_placement():
    scatter_plane = rep.create.plane(
        scale=(2, 3, 1),
        position = (3, 0, 0),

    def place_pallets():
        pallets = rep.create.from_usd(PALLET_URL, semantics=[("class", "Pallet")], count=3)
        with pallets:
            rep.randomizer.scatter_2d(scatter_plane, check_for_collisions=True)
        return pallets.node



Hmmm, perhaps I should build and place individually, then group together to return a single node???

Hello @peter.gaston! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance!

Hi, can you check which version of replicator you are using?

I believe 1.6 has issues. I have 1.7 on mine (and I think it should be in the new Code release as well).

yup - 1.6.4
Is there a secret on getting updates? Mine says “UP TO DATE”. With no option to update.

is this in Code or Create or? what’s the latest on available on your launcher?


funny, a new Isaac sim version just showed up. Will need to check…

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