Scatter_2d does not work with multiple surfaces prims in omni.replicator.core1.2.4 and omniverse 2022.1.3

I have already made two topics but I didn’t actually narrow down the source of the problem until now.
The topics were: /scatter-2d-randomizer-works-in-2022-1-1-but-does-not-in-2022-1-2/and hydrarenderer-failed-to-render-frame-after-crash (can’t put more than one link it seems)
Based on this example while working with 0.0.10 in omniverse 2022.1.1

The code looks something like this. And this used to work in 0.0.10

objectList=[('class','Object1'), ('class', 'Object2')]

with Object:
return Object.node

This does not work but it works with: planesList=[('class','Plane1')]

Another way to phrase the question is: How do I scatter objects on multiple surfaces.

Weird thing it does is if I give it a second surface that is invalid like so:
planesList=[('class','Plane1'), ('class','IDontExist')] it will actually work but just one the one surface.

Hello @vlad.crehul! I am reaching out to the Replicator team to help you with your questions!

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