I can't boot the Jetson tk1

I have two boards of Jetson tk1, and I am using only one of the two all the way. Yesterday I thought to try the other one. When get the power plugged in, the fan just turned for a few seconds and then stopped, as well as the power light led. What’s wrong may be with this board?

A fan doesn’t always turn on continuously and automatic power on with application of power is not guaranteed (and when “off” the LED is expected to not light). Did it turn off after hitting the power button?

Yes. Both the power light and the fan turned off just after hitting the power button for 2 seconds.

So when you try to power up how long does the power light stay on (it sounds like not, but the wording is a bit confusing)? Are you using the original power supply?

It seems more or less than one second. When I get the power supply plugged in, the fan and the power light just blinked and then all turned off. No, I am using multi batteries pack to supply power on moving platform. It has the same voltage with the original power. And another board works well under the same battery power supply.

I think what you might be seeing is that at the moment of power up Jetsons tend to be sensitive to rail voltage drop (I’m talking about times it is hard to see with just a voltmeter and human eye). As an experiment you might try the following:

  • Add a 1uF (tantalum might be best) and 1000uF capacitor across power input right at the point the power connects.
  • Use higher gauge wires for power.
  • Use shorter wires for power.
  • Consider a regulator to isolate the Jetson if the battery also powers other equipment, e.g., motors.

Odds are strong that the Jetson itself is not failing…it’s just not seeing the kind of power stability it needs right at the moment of startup.

Thank you, I will have a try.