Unable to power on

As recently as a week or two ago I was able to turn on/log-in/use my Jetson TK1 board, but now it will not turn on. I’ve tested the power outlet with other devices, and they get power.

There was recently a thunderstorm, and the lightning was close to my house, could it be related to that? I had my board plugged into a grounded outlet/power strip, so I’d be surprised if that were the issue. The power did go out at one point, but has been restored. If that is the problem, I feel cheated because Nvidia never warned me this could be an issue, and now I have a useless board?

Has anyone else experience a similar thing? How can I get my board to power on again?

Stupid question but did you try pressing the power button after plugging it in? On some boards it seems they will boot upon plugging in the power cord, and others must have the power button pressed as well. Others have seen boards that showed both behaviors.

Powering on by connecting the cable is not about individual boards but about the Linux for Tegra release in use and the time passed without power on the board. There’s a big cap on the board and if it still has power, the board will not turn on when you connect the power cable.

I’ve unplugged it, and plugged it back in several times, and while pressing the power button before, during, and after plugging it in.

Grounded outlet doesn’t protect against any spikes in the power lines, so lightning can easily break devices even if they are grounded.

When you say that the board doesn’t turn on, you mean that the green led on the board doesn’t turn on?

Do you have a multimeter or similar that you could test if the Jetson’s 12V power adapter is working? It has a green led too, does that light up when you connect it to mains?

The green led on the board won’t turn on, and the fan won’t spin up.

The adapter led also won’t turn on. So, I’ll try to find a different one to test, and post an update.

I had to order a new power adapter, Amazon had the exact same model from a third party, shipping was more than the adapter itself :(

Quick update: it was the power adapter. I could find a replacement on Amazon. I guess in the future if I know there will be a thunderstorm, I’ll try to unplug it just to be safe.

Generally speaking you should unplug all valuable devices unless they are behind an UPS or other protection.