Jetson TK1 can't power up


Until yesterday my Jetson TK1 was working fine. Today when the power is plugged in it but the fan couldn’t spinning and nothing working. Nothing on the serial port or the HDMI port. I checked the power supply, it’s still giving 12V, but TK1 won’t power on.
Is there any hardware issue or power manager broken ?

Hi Drexler,

Did you check the current? If something damaged, the current is usually much high.

Hello, Trumany,

Thanks for your reply.

According to our HW engineer preliminary test TK1 power up failure. It looks like both PMU and CPU short. Please help to confirm this issue whether possible fix. Could we get our source code back from TK1 memory? Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

Attached file is TK1 power diagram, “V mean w/o short” “X mean short w/ ground”

No attachment seen…

Hello Trumany,
Please refer to TK1 power diagram.jpg. Thanks.

Yes, per the picture, as you said, both PMU and CPU short. Seems they are damaged internally which can’t be fixed.
Your source code is supposedly stored in eMMC which might not be damaged, it can be used on other board.

If you are interested in RMA, the procedure is near the top of this URL: