I don't know the procedure for aligning parts

I recently started using Isaac Sim. I have loaded some 3D models and would like to set up joints.
Is there any way to align the models other than changing the coordinate values? (like the “Align” function in Fusion 360)

@hisamichi.harada i am just a fellow user, so take my input as a grain of salt. i recall there is an align tool extension and would need to be enabled, if it’s not already in the extension manager. once enabled, you should be able to locate it in one of the menus (sorry, dont have the app open in frint of me atm). but, if i am simply imagining it, you could consider doing it programmatically:


and there may be tips on how to set up a bot from the docs. below is a simple example:


Thanks for the advice. I will try it.

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