I have a NVidia geforce gtx 1660 Ti and i cant install CUDA please help me

hey i am new to CUDA and when i try to install CUDA i get this error in picture ( The following process must be stopped before the CUDA Visual Studio integration installion can proceed: Performance Monitor (Process ID: 11800)) can any one help me

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer Community. I see from your screen shot that you are trying to install CUDA 10.1. That version of CUDA is quite old. Our latest version of CUDA is 11.6, available at CUDA Toolkit 11.6 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer.

If there is no specific reason to use CUDA 10.1, could you please retry your process with our latest CUDA release?

well actually i need to use CUDA for this https://github.com/theAIGuysCode/yolov4-deepsort since i dont have too much knowledge about AI and object tracking i found this page and this page says download CUDA 10.1 and i search from internet lots of people recommends that use this CUDA version according to them upper versions doesn’t support this github link that i mentioned there (also link here https://github.com/theAIGuysCode/yolov4-deepsort) also this page’s owner mentioned that it properly works on CUDA 10.1 and i get different error again i just restart my computer and get new error