I keep loosing my playback controller

The latest Create 2021.3.1 is so good. But as I was working with my little Marvelous Machines scene, I lost my timeline control many times.

Only solution I found was to re-install Create. I did that like 5 times.
Is this a know bug? Or is there a keyboard command or menu item to show / hide this UI element?

@pekka.varis - I know this is a hard question, but was there any actions that seem to initiate this loss of the widget? (file saves, drag/drop, load of extension, etc.)

Also was there any other issue at this time, specifically the loss of the ability to mouse click an asset?

Note: Timeline can be toggled on/off. If this happens again, can you check this status and perhaps manually toggle off/on


Ah - it is there! I see what I can find out with this…

Yes, now it disappeared for the first time. I just re-selected the Timeline from this menu and it appeared again. Great.

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