Hitting Control Z Removes Everything

Easy step to reproduce.

Add a cube. Apply a material.

Hit Control Z expecting material to be gone, instead prop is gone.

With 1 prop it isn’t so bad. If you have many, your scene is gone.

Undo ( CTRL Z ) works ok here… Sorry I could not reproduce the issue yoiu have there. Strange…

It’s not doing it now. It did to me last night 3 times. Not sure how to reproduce the issue. Could be related to the top menu goes away sometimes also.

I guess you can close this. I will record it if it happens again.

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Happened to me as well. I accidentally moved something in the Y direction, actually went to edit undo-- and everything went back to how I started the session. Big sad. Save often!

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This also happened to me today for the first time. I could not use the redo function to revert it.

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Hello Everyone. I have reported this odd behavior to the development team but I need your help. Because this seems to happen intermittently, any additional information you can provide will help us out! If you see it again, if possible, please send us a brief recording of the behavior! Thanks for reporting this!

(An internal development ticket was created from this post: OM-49823: Control Z Undoing Everything)

same here! thanks Wendy :)