How do I restore Physics objects back to "original" location?

I am trying to create an obstacle course for physics objects and see if I can drop enough spheres, to have one roll out of a pipe.

If I go back to frame 1 after hitting the space bar to play, all the spheres remain where they last fell.

The only thing I can think of is I should have saved my scene at before I dropped, or I need to learn how to do one of those checkpoints I read about.

Is there a way to return all objects in a scene back to before I hit play?

My first attempt of rolling a sphere out a pipe didn’t work, but some did jump out of the box. The problem is getting all the spheres back to square one since I didn’t save when I created them. (live and learn).


Physics should store the initial transformations and set them back when you press stop. This behaviour should be set by default, can you please check if its enabled? In the physics preferences (Edit->Prefrences) please make sure Reset Simulation on Stop is enabled:

If that is enabled and it does not work for you, can you please check that if you hit play and stop the cube in Box on plane example (Window->Simulation->Physics demo scenes) does reset its position back?

How are you spawning the spheres? Physics should store the initial transformation of those, if the above does not help, can you please give me more details how you spawn those spheres, will try to reproduce it on my side.


Yes I have this setting checked (never unchecked it).

Pressing the play bar a second time stops it. Is that when it should reset? It isn’t.

Thanks for the reply.

Pressing the play bar should just pause the sim, not stop. There is a separate button for timeline stop:

That did work. I had never looked on the side bar for play and stop. I had selected Layout > Animation, and didn’t see a stop button.


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