Latest version of Create 2022.2.1 Physics - Reset Simulation On Stop

This worked in 2022.2.0 version. Now, regardless of the checkbox being checked or not, the simulation resets on stop.

Sometimes I want “fall where they lay” at the end.

I also tried ‘Reset Physics Settings’, and that didn’t change anything.

When I press stop, the spheres line back up even with this unchecked.

I did create the spheres using the array tool for the 1st time, maybe that is what causes it? I will test manually creating and see if that changes things.

I just tried on a single sphere, and the checkbox is now ignored.

To duplicate:

  1. Create new project - add Physics - Ground Plane
  2. Add a sphere (or any prim).
  3. With sphere selected - Add Physics - rigid body with colliders preset
    Run the project with and without the checkbox checked, and when you stop it resets for me whether enabled or disabled.

Hi @DataJuggler! I appreciate the replication steps! I, however, was not able to reproduce the issue on my computer. I also tried using the Array tool, and was not able to reproduce the problem. Could you attach a copy of your usd file so that I can see if the issue happens with your file? You can attach it here or email it to me at

Perhaps me or my computer was tired yesterday. Or the first project I created was corrupted somehow. Today I can’t reproduce this.

I will try on a new project next time before I create an issue. Sorry.

I have the same problem. Box and ground plane, simulation box hit the floor. Oke this works, But reset the box at the start position, I can’t find this. or does not work
. Ton

Hello @t.van.uden! You can find the “Reset Simulation on Stop” option by opening the Preferences menu (Edit > Preferences), then select Physics. You will see the option to “Reset Simulation on Stop” under the General group.

Hi Wendy, Yes I have done that, but it does not go to the start position

I need a little more information on your situation. Am I correct in assuming that you played your simulation with the “Reset Simulation on Stop” option turned off, and are asking for a Reset button to move the objects back to where they were originally?