Physx: PBD - ParticleSystem/Points reset on Stop

edit: Create 2022.1.5

Please see the attached video, where I create an RB and a ParticleSystem/Points from a Cone on the same Layer.

Notice that when the Simulation is stopped, the RB is reset, but the ParticleSystem/Points was not.

Is there some additional step that needs taken to have the ParticleSytem/Points reset on Stop?

edit: I’ve attached a scene where you can hit Play and Stop to repro the results shown in the video.

ParticleSample_Points_Reset.usd (46.4 KB)

by any chance do you have omni.physx.flatcache extension enabled? I tried to repro in our upcoming release and things seems to work fine. Though there is a known issue that with the flatcache extension the particles wont reset.

Yes the repro resets correctly for me on 2022.1.5 - but with Flatache enabled I can repro what you see.

Flatcache! Ugh! Thanks for checking on this guys…sorry for the noise.

Create 2202.1.5, Soo…the plot thickens, it seems that I cannot prevent Flatcache from loading and enabling itself when I start Create.

I was wondering why I’d gotten in this situation with Particles - and so I went and tried to prevent Flatcache from loading and enabling itself - and I cannot.

Some extension that you have enabled by default does have a dependency on omni.physx.flatcache, by any chance do you have omni.physx.forcefields extension enabled? That one requires omni.physx.flatcache and would enable it from start.

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