I want to build libgstnvarguscamerasrc.so from source for a jetson nano

There are errors being posted here that originate from: gstnvarguscamerasrc.cpp

I cannot find that file.

These files:

Seem relevant, but, I cannot figure out how to build the .so file.

We didn’t public the source of the libgstnvarguscamerasrc.so currently.
You should be able get more message from below.

sudo su
kill the process of nvargus-daemon
export enableCamPclLogs=5
export enableCamScfLogs=5

launch camera from another console

Sorry, I referenced the error solely as proof of existence of the file.

I need to build a custom camera source and having a working one to experiment with would be a huge help.

Will NVIDIA release the source? Can I get it perhaps under a separate NDA?

Hi tunretni,

Sorry to tell that source is not public, you may need to consult with our camera partner for the help, please fine their information from: Jetson Ecosystem | NVIDIA Developer